Dex Amora is slowly burning it up as he prepares his new project A.U.R.A. His new single ‘1uvAll’,which is off the aforementioned project is a dusty, ethereal joint which captures a lost time in hip-hop. The vibe here is strong enough to transport the listener to a whole new level of consciousness as Dex plays a warring pacifist with enough mic skills to scale all obstacles life throws at him.

“…Pick your brain, basic waves,Clearly I’m a Martian

Different stratosphere,maybe we’ve  even been thru different hardships

I walk down the block,say peace to your [email protected]

Whether you like it or not,I’m at peace with you [email protected]…”

Divine Atoms emcee Dex Amora releases 1uvAll to prep his supporters for his upcoming project “A.U.R.A”. 1uvAll produced by GoldenBeets, carries the sound of the “Golden Ages” with heavy drums carrying that boom bap sound in unison with a smooth piano based sample. Dex Amora displays more of an aggressive delivery then his usual smooth laid back flow.

With Dex Amora currently working on his third release “a.u.r.a” (which is set for a summer release), the whole Divine Atoms collective, RayClev (Los Angeles), KevinCool (Los Angeles), & Poetik Jinetiks (Dallas) is compiling records to release & prep for this potential summer release in Dex’s a.u.r.a

Divine Atoms: Bio:
Dex started doing the rap thing when I was 17 years old, I’ve been writing all my life though. My dad was an MC, he was with the label   « rhymesayers », my mom is a poet and she used to do a lot of work for « headshots », so I’ve been around hip hop all my life. People didn’t really understand how my brain worked so this was a good way to relieve all that. Eventually this poetry turned into rhymes, I started recording tracks, doing webcam videos, recording myself with microphones just to put some knowledge out there.

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