Tampa-based rapper Deleteeglitch teams up with longtime collaborator 98Tiki who serves as the sole producer for his project titled A Far Too Effective Ultimatum. The 10 track body of work is an insightful dive into the psyche of the man known as Deleteeglitch. The project threads the lines of introspective lyrics and a devil-may-care attitude in the way he delivers his thoughts.

Over the course of 11 tracks, he weaves a story of the highs, lows, and in-betweens of a young man searching for a place in a world which seems to reject him everywhere he turns. From the solemn “Pray”, the soulful vibes of “05” to the atmospheric textures of “An extraordinary divide” Deleteeglitch gives the listener a plethora of emotions and styles that really don’t conform to the norm and for the most part have an esoteric and eclectic feel. Armed with sporadic flows and witty lyricism, Deleteeglitch sure delivers something off-kilter and thought-provoking as well.

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