Rapper/producer Daugaard pushes himself in his new project entitled Wings EP. The 8-track body of work is made up of a sombre and surreal soundscape and peppered by his unapologetic and reflective approach to songwriting. Here, he takes audiences on a journey that covers certain aspects of his life ranging from the mental, spiritual and physical growth over time. The project is also self-produced, recorded, written and mixed by Daugaard.


“They Don’t Know” is the first song on the project and its warm, reflective aesthetic sets the tone for the rest of the project. Here, Daugaard runs through the craziness that comes with one’s decision to become an artist but everyone on the outside looking in thinks it’s all pink roses and sunny skies. He gives audiences a true account of his life with vivid lines like “Worry in the wall while I fight these demons/Depending on how it go, man I might meet Jesus/Dreams got me up, got me late night thinking/Belly in the beast, working late-night creeping” that sees him trying to balance the evens and odds. This is followed by “I’ve Been Working”, which is made up of a punchy and moody soundscape and showcases the rapper’s impassioned flow anchored by his baritone vocals. Here, he talks about his personal growth and the many experiences that are adding up to make him who he is today. He acknowledges his flaws and the never-ending struggles that life brings. Next up is “F.Y.L.”, a melancholic piece that explores loneliness, loss and finding the inner strength to stand on his own. He makes use of a dark and surreal lofi soundscape as his canvas to paint the emotional picture and gives audiences an unfiltered glimpse into his thoughts. The final track “Let Me Fly” serves as the perfect closer as Daugaard finds the proverbial silver lining in the dark cloud and grasps it to find his true freedom. The production here is sombre and sad while his laidback flow and heartfelt lyrics add that extra emotional element to it as he raps “Ain’t afraid to fly, go head and spread my wings/ hoping that I’m moving on to big and better things“. The project also includes instrumentals for the 4 songs so lovers of soothing lofi sounds can also enjoy the soul-stirring aesthetics and add it to their instrumental playlist.


Overall, Wings EP is an exploration of the uncertainty that life gives us and the idea that we are ultimately the shapers of our destinies. On this project Daugaard starts from the runt and pushes through the wilderness and the rumble to find solace and most importantly his true self.



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