Onry Ozzborn and Zavala are Dark Time Sunshine, and ANX is their upcoming album releasing July 24th on Fake Four, Inc. Described as “bigger and better assembled(personally, their last effort Vessel embodied these qualities abundantly) it features Aesop Rock, Busdriver, P.O.S. of Doomtree and more. Check out the mockumentary “making of…” above and continue reading for the full information. I cannot wait…

The album’s title, ANX, is short for ‘anxiety,’ and in deciding on a name for the project Onry and Zavala looked to each other – and within – to pull from what can be a debilitating disorder, and instead used it to strengthen their creative output. “We both suffer from anxiety, and have endured the good and bad that comes from it,” says Onry. “It’s a condition we’d both rather not have, but, in a lot of ways, it’s shaped what we do and how we do it.”

That influence of anxiety – the bi-polar peaks and valleys of happiness and depression, strength and weakness, love and hate – permeates the music throughout ANX, as Zavala’s instrumentation winds with tension and release through influences of hip-hop, jazz, and electronic music. And in that sense, ANX is Dark Time Sunshine’s most accomplished release. “The progression,” says Onry, “is in the overall sound of the album – it’s bigger and better assembled, both vocally and musically. There’s noticeable maturity and comfort; it’s truly a cohesive body of work.”

While the album includes a number of features, with the likes of Ceschi, Child Actor, Reva Devito, and more, joining Aesop Rock, Busdriver, and P.O.S. as guests, the process of selecting those guests was truly organic. “We’re fans and friends of the people we decide to work with,” says Zavala, while Onry adds that each guest was selected for what they could add to the music. “We look at people’s voices as instruments,” he says. “So in a way, the features are more about when another artist’s voice or style can better serve a song than mine.”

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