Dirty Science’s Exile and Johaz have combined as Dag Savage to release their new mixtape ‘The Warning Tape’ 

Dag Savage is a group formed by producer Exile and MC Johaz. Both hail from the West Coast and are known to drop heat. Exile has been well known for a good couple of years now producing classics with artists like Blu and Fashawn. The duo linked up when Exile saw Johaz perform at a show and was impressed by his skills. The two dubbed themselves Dag Savage and have been relentlessly recording material ever since. Dag Savage’sThe Warning Tape‘ features 13 tracks of the usual stellar production from Exile as well as fiery rhymes from Johaz. Dag Savage’s new release ‘The Warning Tape‘ serves as a precursor to their full length album ‘E&J‘ which is set to drop in February. Dag Savage is a definitely a group to be on look out for so don’t sleep on this one! The full track list, artwork, and downloading information for Dag Savage’s ‘The Warning Tape‘ can be seen below.

Pre order Dag Savage’s full length release ‘E&Jhere

Stream Dag SavageThe Warning Tape


Dag Savage – ‘The Warning Tape‘ track list

  1. One
  2. God Body Feat. Co$$, Gonji Sufi, Blu
  3. Bangin Ass Drum Beat
  4. Heavenbound Feat. ANTHM, Co$$, Nanna B
  5. Amadeus Feat. ADAD
  6. Better Believe Feat. Tristate
  7. Travelin Man
  8. U Turn Feat. Denmark Vessey
  9. Reverse Feat. Choosey
  10. Been LOL Feat. Blame
  11. Smoke The Pain Away Feat. Aloe Blacc
  12. Freak Out
  13. Robo Cop


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