UK hip-hop duo D.Tail and Marley D recently put out a project titled Pancakes: Memoirs of an agoraphobiac during Pandemic, a body of work created entirely during the lockdown period. The duo decides to share with us 2 solid cuts from the project namely “Rona & The Park” and “PokerFace.” Both tracks do capture the current state of affairs as presented by D.Tail who delivers insightful lyrics over Marley D’s smooth productions.

The first track “Rona & The Park” shows D.Tail ‘s vivid storytelling skills and the way he weaves different situations in a seamless manner over the hard-hitting drumbeats and moody textures. laid before him. He brings the listener closer to a blossoming love tale happening in the park. This is quite short and engaging as well.

Get “Rona & The Park” on Youtube and Deezer.


On “Poker Face”, D.Tail keeps his game face on as life moves along with all the uncertainty swirling around. The rapper brings a whole new refreshing outlook on the state of affairs with his spoken word type flow with engaging analogies and witty bars. He delivers an insightful and unfiltered honesty over Marley D and Turkish Dcypha‘s soulful production. Additional production by OtherColours.

Get “Rona & The Park” on Youtube and Apple Music.


Get the entire LP on all DSPs here.

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