Whenever you mix creative minds without the label restrictions and red tape then what you get is usually brilliant, and The Count in Cologne is no exception. If you are familiar with Count Bass‘s music you already know what I know; now blend that with the Radio Love Love Crew and what you have is pure dopeness.

Five solid tracks, two emcee s(spitting in 2 different languages), four producers and one uber solid body of work.

My Last words are “…My name is Dwight Spitz and am a sonic addict

Cop the ep HERE.

Last summer the Radio Love Love crew invited Count Bass D to their annual Sommerfest in Cologne.  The legendary Atlanta-based MC/producer stayed for two weeks. He did not only play a rad show
at the Sommerfest but hung out at the Treehouse with Twit One, Retrogott and Lazy Jones. The EP “The Count in Cologne“ captures the best moments of these sessions which were fueled by a mutal love and respect for each other and the artform. On five songs (plus one bonus beat and instrumentals) Count, Retrogott, Twit and Lazy are exchanging beats and rhymes, rapping over each other cuts back to back or solo.

“The Count in Cologne“ is – pardon the cliché – real hip-hop at it’s best.


Side One
1. Countro (Beat: Retrogott) (01:25)
2. Need To Know (Rap: Count Bass D & Retrogott | Beat: Retrogott) (02:59)
3. FromThenToNow (Rap: Count Bass D & Retrogott | Beat: Lazy Jones & Twit One) (03:07)
4. Eye Contact (Rap: Count Bass D | Beat: Twit One) (01:30)
5. Avocado (I Was So Loyal) (Rap: Retrogott | Beat: Count Bass D) (01:26)

Side Two
1. Need To Know Instrumental (Beat: Retrogott) (02:59)
2. FromThenToNow Instrumental (Beat: Lazy Jones) (03:09)
3. Eye Contact Instrumental (Beat: Twit One) (02:09)
4. Avocado (I Was So Loyal) Instrumental (Beat: Count Bass D) (01:26)
5. Bumm Bumm Pardon (Bonus Beat) (Beat: Twit One) (01:26)


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