Our friends at Boombap.org have curated an exclusive new compilation. We are proud to announce the Workspaces Compilation which has an official release date of July 19th 2013. Boombap.org worked with twenty seven different underground producers on the Workspaces Compilation. The compilation is a limited vinyl release with only 500 LP’s being printed. You can pre-order the album at hhv.de.

The list of producers includes; The Beep, Brous One, Hieronymuz, Keor Meteor, Torky Tork, Sterio, Morlockko Plus, Jimbo Matsumoto, Errol Barnes, Brenk Sinatra, Telemachus, Twit One, Plastic Surgeon, Kurt Kauzig, Retrogott, Steezo, Hulk Hodn, Maxwell Ferry, Rob Who, Hade, Anatol Atonal, Grup Ses Beats, Lazy Jones, Rufus Grimes, Beatvadda, Figub Brazlevic & Memyselfandi.

[viral-lock]Download Workspaces Compilation: Bandcamp[/viral-lock]

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