Portland-based producer Roane Namuh shares his new single “Crimson” which features the underground legend Count Bass D. The lead single is a brilliant blend of future funk and classic hip-hop vibes that would get heads bopping in no time. Peppered with lush west-coast style synths, throbbing basslines, and ethereal keys, “Crimson” is a display of versatility from Namuh who also employs keyboardist Tony Ozier to add his own unique touch. Count Bass D is right at home here as he once again showcases his OG status as a time-tested emcee.

“Crimson” is the first single from Roane Namuh’s new Petrichor EP via Liquid Beat Records. Joining Roane on his rhythmic journey are A+ collaborations with rappers and singers Count Bass D, Nanna.B, Vursatyl, Libretto, Blossom, and Stanley Ipkuss. As with “Cloudshine”, his previous collaborative project with singer Reva DeVito, each featured vocal artist truly melds with Roane’s unique production sensibilities. Roane has that special ability to collaborate with an eclectic group of talented vocalists and still create a sound that is remarkably recognizable as his own.

From the up-tempo styling of “Indecisive” ft. Nanna.B, to the instrumental tracks “Shynawn” & “Hydroburn”, plus the modern neo-soul gem “Smoke” ft. the magnificent pairing of Blossom & Stanley Ipkuss, Roane’s talent for creating a mood through song structure and attention to detail is on full display. The same is true for the Hip-Hop tracks “Crimson” ft. Count Bass D & “History” ft. Vursatyl & Libretto as they show a depth of composition and nuance that fits firmly within the context of the EP’s whole. Get it on Bandcamp.

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