Concept hit us with two cuts “Shake Down” and “Pump It Up”.

The first cut “Shake Down” is an upbeat bass-heavy jam that is devoid of the main melody but rather showcases Concept’s smooth flow and feel-good raps. It is definitely one to rattle the speakers in the club.

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On “Pump It Up” he takes it back to the 80s with his electro rock-infused bass music reminiscent of Tag team and 69 Boyz

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On ” Love Me Love Me Not” he continues his upbeat style over a fast paced club soundscape and his flow is fiery and bravado-laden too.

Up and coming unsigned independent artist from St. Louis, MO. Concept is a singer, rapper, and songwriter who discusses dealing with love, loss, pride, and finding inner strength through his music. Genres of this artist range from R&B to hip hop and jazz hop to neo soul. As the name implies Concept is a creative and poetic storyteller with the hopes that his music will simply speak for itself and withstand the test of time.



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