The C&K Street Series features Commoners and Kings performing impromptu spoken word poems on the streets of Southern California. Guest Poet, Boris Rogers aka BLUZ reppin’ Charlotte, and I catch some sun at the world famous VENICE BEACH. He is an accomplished poet, slammaster, and coach of SlamCharlotte where he won back to back nationals ’07 and ’08. He tells me how he is inspired by other poets and life, and feeling like there is nothing one can learn from others is putting yourself in a position not to grow. His style is conversational and his love for family, his family is evident in speaking with him.

He shares THROWBACK LOVE, a poem that will make us remember some “good ol’ days” and even if you’re young I’m certain the poem will still resonate.

Music by: Dysposable heros (Commoners and Kings – For the Love)

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