Straight out the country town of Aiken, South Carolina, comes indie rap act Christian Ahmed who delivers an uplifting gem in the form of his single “Doubt City.” A conceptual track that explores the deep effects of self-doubt in anyone. Armed with an emotion-laden delivery, Ahmed effortlessly paints a picture of despair and takes us on a journey from the bottom of the rung. It’s a situation everyone can relate to and Ahmed sure brings the listener closer to the action by allowing them to immerse themselves in the story figuratively. The track was inspired by his experiences in Atlanta

“Doubt City” is a single from Christian Ahmed’s recently released EP titled Lily Pad.

Christian Ahmed describes his sub-genre of hip-hop as Kumbaya.  As a young boy, inspired by artists like Common, Tracy Chapman, and Bob Marley, he offers a healthy perspective to music. In his art, he speaks on topics of self-growth, love, and the importance of a strong community.

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