After over a decade-long hiatus, which included the untimely death of his lifelong musical partner (Eddie Bones), CheckMark (Mark Girardin) of Skitzofreniks has returned with “Vita Matta Pt. 1: An Audio-Biography of CheckMark Girardin”, the first instalment of the Vita Matta trilogy, scored by DC the Midi Alien.

Vita Matta (“crazy life” in Italian) is a collection of experiences from the Cambridge, Massachusetts emcee’s wild and tumultuous upbringing, and the first single ‘Thanks for Life’ is an open letter to the father that he never met, while overcoming the challenges of parenthood himself.

Vita Matta Pt. 1 is scheduled for digital release on all streaming services today the 17th of this month, and the entire trilogy will culminate with a unique physical release upon completion. So while we wait on the scheduled releases, enjoy this video from CheckMark.

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