Chames shares two new cuts from his discography and once again showcases his insightful and conscious leanings as he reflects on personal issues and real-time topics that everyone can relate to.

The first cut “Root of Evil ” is a collaboration with vocalist Breana Marin who delivers a soulful melodic performance on the hook section. Chames takes time to reflect on how the love of money can lead individuals astray and he also looks at his own personal flaws and implores listeners not to fall victim to the trappings of money.

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The second track entitled “The Last Trumpet” has a Gospel/soul-infused vibe and punchy drum grooves that put Chames in a celebratory mood. He looks at the bright side of things and counts all his blessings on both hands.

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Both songs are taken from his new album Revelation which is inspired by The Book of Revelation.


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