The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Tito G – “ECLIPSE30” (feat. Tito G)


Producer Tito G and rapper Old Orleans form an alliance on “ECLIPSE30”. The track has a cinematic and edgy soundscape made up of lush keys rich layered synths with downtempo boom-bap drum grooves all underpinned by Old Orleans’s vivid lyrics and expert storytelling skills.









Saif – “Pablo”

Saif flexes his lyrical prowess in his newest single “Pablo”. The track is made up of jazzy horns, Latin guitar plucks and heavy drill drum grooves that match his fiery raps and unapologetic demeanour.





Jidé – “Phoenix”.

Jidé ‘s newest release”Phoenix” sees him going for an alternative and experiment vibe with a dark moody rock-pop vibe. His vocals are impassioned and punchy and he delivers with much gusto while the melodies are alluring as well.





Class Vee – “Wierdos”


Class Vee gives us something smooth with her new release “Wierdos”. The feel-good track has a bright and upbeat soundscape made up of lush brass stabs and 808-thick drums all underpinned by her soothing melodic runs and cathchy melodic runs.


Shaun Pierce – Daydreamin’ in Fort Crockett”.


Shaun Pierce gets to flex his lyrical muscles on his newest release Daydreamin’ in Fort Crockett”. The track samples a classic soul track made up of rich vocal samples and lush keys layered over a bass-heavy drum groove. Shaun comes through with a vivid lyrical performance ripe with bravado and a dash of insight.


ALPHA CENTAURI – “Get Your Money Up”

South African emcee ALPHA CENTAURI implores us to “Get Your Money Up” in his new anthemic tune. The afrobeat/funk-infused track sees him in go-getter mode as he delivers a fiery performance ripe with enlightening gems about pushing through the daily struggles. This song is about seriously pursuing your dream – whether it’s music, the arts, a side hustle, education, or a life goal. Nothing happens unless YOU put the effort into it over the long term. There are no cheat codes to success in the real world”.



Kiseme – “Go Get It”


Kiseme delivers this aspirational track titled “Go Get It” on our list. Over a sombre vocal-sample-driven backdrop, he talks about his journey from nothing and how he found his footing and how he wants to accomplish his goals before his time is up.


Freddie Oliver – “Breathing”

Freddie Oliver breaks down the dynamics and complexities of love in his new single “Breathing”. Over a moody, downtempo soundscape made up of gloomy pads, edgy synths and hard-hitting grooves, he gives us a glimpse of the ups and downs of love and the uncertainty that comes with it. He delivers his rhymes in a mix of melodic runs and heartfelt rap verses. The verses see him share intimate moments of vulnerability and touch upon the fear of missed opportunities while the hook is a heartwarming declaration of love, where the protagonist expresses that their affection for their partner only grows stronger with each passing day.


Ari Amun x Madhi – “Human Nature”

Uprising singer/songwriter Ari Amun teams up with producer Madhi for this heartfelt record titled “Human Nature”. Over a funky groove and warm textures, Ari delivers an ear-grabbing performance underpinned by rich melodies and sublime harmonies that culminate in a soothing chorus that details the essence of being true in love as opposed to faking the emotions.


Neahe Ashain – “I Remember When”


Neahe Ashain‘s new single “I Remember When” is an introspective tune that explores his daily struggles and the various events that shaped his persona. From losing his innocence, self-doubt and the days he was stuck in a runt, he reflects on the bad times and how they made him find his strength to become the man that he is.





UK artist KAR!ZMA and SELECT SELECT team up for “PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT”, a dark moody 808-laden track that showcases their distinct rap styles. The track is equipped with a memorable laidback hook as well.


Kie Senpai – “Tequila Y Horchata”

Kie Senpai teams up with Brek Beats for “Tequila Y Horchata”, a Latin-infused track ripe with Spanish guitars and a dynamic drum groove that switch from trap to Salsa vibes. The record dwells on a heartbreak he experienced which actually set him free from doubt and he found his true self after the fact. He embellishes the track with a blend of English and Spanish and a touch of his Dominican culture as well.



Just Charles – “Coolio Julio”

Just Charles‘s “Coolio Julio” is a vivid tale of how he started rapping. Over a jazz-soul soundscape, he takes listeners down memory lane when he started rapping in his room but he eventually found the confidence to showcase his art to the world. Armed with his laidback flow and knack for painting vivid pictures he gives listeners a perfect nostalgic tale that we can all relate to.




Just Charles x Loccc x Breana Marin – “Eye of the Tiger”


Just Charles, Loccc and Breana Marin deliver an uplifting jam titled “Eye of the Tiger”. Inspired by the classic rock song, the track makes use of the same theme of inspiration but with a hip-hop twist. The beat is soulful and the mellow groove is solid and forms the perfect backdrop for the rappers to share their personal tales of comeuppance.




Dead Silence – “Vanilla Bean” (feat. E)


Dead Silence and E team up for “Vanilla Bean”, a soulful jam that blends soothing melodies with candid feel-good lyrics over a west coast funky soundscape. The track has that classic summer vibe and the laidback grove all come together like white on rice.





Lester x FABLE – “Lost and Found”

Lester and FABLE team up for “Lost and Found”, a heartfelt and insightful track that dwells on a man’s love journey and the roller coaster of emotions that follow with every event that helped shape him. Over the guitar-laden soundscape, the emcee delivers an emotionally powerful performance ripe with heartfelt lyrics that listeners can relate to.




BRIE – “The Thrill”.


Singer/songwriter BRIE delivers her new single “The Thrill” on our playlist. The pop/R&B track is as heartfelt and sublime as they come and showcases her versatile vocal range and candid songwriting. The track deals with the tension that comes with the allure of the proverbial forbidden fruit and the natural inclination towards something that would cause them more harm than good. The chorus is sultry and alluring and her verses are powerful. “The Thrill” was produced by Norwegian Peder Elthom-Idsøe.



G-LOW – “The Virtue Of Patience (In F Major)”.


Portland, OR artists G-LOW and Sonlit team up for “The Virtue Of Patience (In F Major)”, a heartfelt track that reflects on the intersectionality of social media, algorithms and real-life relationships. Over a soulful soundscape, he takes us through the ups and downs of balancing true love and maintaining a social media presence. It is quite thought-provocative and contemplative.





Natalie Clark – “Mission”.

Natalie Clark delivers this brilliant single “Mission” that is as uplifting as they come. The inspirational track is made up of a cinematic backdrop made up of lush textures, brass stands and glowing pads all underpinned by her distinct melodic vocals and uplifting lyrics that detail her laser-focused purpose.


Jae Anthonie – “Old Filthy Ways (Remix)”

Jae Anthonie’s “Old Filthy Ways (Remix)” is a mellow bouncy track that has a feel-good vibe and sees the rapper blending smooth melodic runs with a vivid lyricism that takes us deep into his stomping grounds. The track is as cinematic as they come and gives out-of-towners how it goes down in his city.



NugLife – “SUMMER SUN”.

Hard-working rapper/producer NugLife gets into the summer zone with his new release “SUMMER SUN”.  The soulful track is ripe with warm summer vibes and nostalgic elements all underpinned by his laidback flow and feel-good lyrics. “SUMMER SUN” is taken from NugLife’s new EP SUMMER OF NUG’S: ’23 EP – Sunsets & Smoke Rings.





Eggy Browns – “Sinnamon”

Multi-talented rapper/producer Eggy Browns make his debut entrance on our playlist with his newest release “Sinnamon”. The off-kilter track has elements of blues/soul and its underpinned by a weird pitched down vocal and tons of modulations.





Ben DSP delivers a smooth summer jam “BREATHE!” on our playlist. Over the dance-infused backdrop, he implores us to not forget to do the basics, breathe and stay positive through the craziness around us.



Jirias – “Oh My Eyes”


Jirias switches up his style with this airy and atmospheric tune titled “Oh My Eyes”. Over the sombre pads, guitar licks and soft drums, he delivers an airy melodic flow that sounds a bit playful.


Coldway – “Should’ve Known”.


Memphis, Tn-based singer/songwriter Coldway delivers his new release “Should’ve Known”. The heartfelt track is made up of rich guitar riffs, pulsating basslines and a heavy drum groove that blends with his distinct melodic runs and vivid rap lyrics. The track talks about being blindsided by love and trying to find his way back.



Amiccella – “Imma Boss”


Canadian-Italian, female rapper Amiccella is back with this anthemic track titled “Imma Boss”. The aptly titled track is the new boss lady anthem for the women doing great things out here. Over the punchy and bouncy soundscape, she delivers a stylish and playful performance ripe with unapologetic lyrics and a no-nonsense flow.


Cruzz – “Deeper Than Words”

Uprising artist Cruzz caught our attention with “Deeper Than Words”, a track that showcases his lyricism and knack for penning relatable and heartfelt songs. Backed by a sombre and soulful soundscape made up of rich jazz-piano riffs and sublime pads, the rapper talks about his life as a young man living in a not-so-glamorous environment.




Mostly George x Delvin – “Starry Nights “

Hardworking artist Mostly George teams up with Nigerian artist Delvin for this cinematic tune titled”Starry Nights “. Over the scenic and dark soundscape provided by Posthumous Production, Delvin delivers a rich melodic performance that captures his new-age style and edgy songwriting. Mostly George also comes through with his distinct rap cadence to complete the job.





LoCeRa – “Let Me Talk To You”.

LoCeRa makes his entry on our site with “Let Me Talk To You”, a punchy track that sees him in the zone as he drops a blend of bravado and vivid lyrics. He takes us through the ups and downs of life and his own journey as an artist doing what he knows best. He peppers the track with a laidback sultry melodic hook as well.


Kayden McCarthy – “Delusional”

Singer/songwriter Kayden McCarthy caught our attention with “Delusional”, an introspective and reflective tune that details the emotions of someone caught up in the cycle of toxic relationships, drugs and alcohol. Over the guitar-driven backdrop, he immerses us in the mix of the action deep into the dark crevices of his mind and his daily struggles.


jjad – “Day Off”


Montreal-based singer/songwriter jjad takes a “Day Off” to escape the daily hustle and grind of life. Bolstered by a sublime and warm soundscape, the singer talks about the need to savour each moment with that special someone as we all have limited time here. It’s that bittersweet nature of love and the awareness that all good things must come to an end.



Tribino – “Best Friend”

Multi-talented musician Tribino makes his entry on our site with his newest single “Best Friend”. The R&B/pop/electronic-infused track has a bright and nostalgic element and showcases his high-pitched singing vocals, smooth rap flow and heartfelt songwriting. The record sees him pouring adulation on that special someone who he met and wanting her to be best friends.



Ken-C – “They Don’t Know” (Produced by Kidd Called Quest)


After dropping two singles together St. Paul, MN emcee Ken-C and Rochester, NY beatsmith, Kidd Called Quest have dropped their track “They Don’t Know” taken from their latest The Kendrick Cole EP . The track is a rousing anthemic track that sees Ken-C delivering a fiery performance underpinned by introspective and insightful bars that dive into his daily struggles. Inspired by DMX‘s classics “They Don’t Know” and “Damien”, Ken-C channels similar emotions to share with the listeners the things that make him tick.

Ken-C has been releasing music over the past decade with a massive back catalog (available via Bandcamp). Kidd Called Quest in addition to his work as part of the duo Young Black And Gifted (with emcee Azariah) has been dropping soulful boom-bap work with such notables as Big Shug, Kool G. Rap, Pretty Bulli, Jae Hussle, Curtis Coke and many more.



Alyssa Jane – “Karma Suits Ya”

Singer/songwriter Alyssa Jane helps wrap us up this week’s list with the fun-filled soul jam titled “Karma Suits Ya”. The groovy jam sees her reflect on an intense heartbreak and the emotional pain of betrayal and how she was able to find the strength to move on. Her performance is sublime and distinct and the way she blends soothing melodic runs with a vivid rap verse is brilliant and sure ramps up her versatility.

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