screen_shot_2012-04-26_at_4-09-35_pmTime to pass on our obligations, skip work, dust off those old vinyls and marvel at the craftsmanship of a legend. Of course, it’s Dilla Month, honoring the life of the late, great J Dilla and the steps he took toward progressing the art form that we know as hip hop. Without his contribution it would be a very different landscape.

James “J Dilla” Yancey, born Feb 7 197,4 would be celebrating his 39th birthday today had he not tragically passed away due to complications related to Lupus. Dilla started a movement that sparked creativity and inspired the birth of new ways of thinking about music production.

Taking the less promising and trendy route, he was rejected by fans and labels alike. His innovative thinking and versatility is what we have come to appreciate. He had an immaculate sense of rhythmic interplay, creating an atmosphere that captivated the listener and left you wanting more. In his lifetime, and even after his death, Jay Dee has one of the most impressive resumes ever, working with almost every hip hop heavyweight you can think of in the 90s and early 2000′. It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since the release of Champion Sound, yet Dilla is still one of the most omnipresent and celebrated producers every year. Tons of celebrations worldwide are taking place to honor Dilla. Of j-dilla-stussy-world-tour-tee-5course everyone knows about Dilla Day Detroit hosted by the J Dilla Foundation, but there are also celebrations from New York to the U.K. For more Dilla events check out Eric Soul’s write up. Along with the various celebrations there is more exciting news: The Lost Scrolls Volume 1 has been released on vinyl, along with the song “DeWitt To Do It“. On another note Karriem Riggins who was close friends with Dilla also posted a video honoring his legacy, along with streetwear legends Stussy releasing the Dilla World Tour tee.

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