Every year on International Women’s Day I do a special extended show dedicated to the Women in Hip-Hop. This is the 11th annual spectacular and features 6 hours of programming.

I start off with a mixset featuring some of the great female emcees we have in hip-hop and then move into a roundtable panel discussion with Ke Turner, Prowess the Testament, and Missy D. This edition of the show ends with another mixset of great female voices.

If you listened live Thursday night, this portion of the show was followed up with a Haviah Mighty interview, a special interview clip show hosted by my wife, a guest mixset and interview with DJ Killa Jewel, and finally a deep dive back in time to 1989 with all the female voices you could hear on record that year, and there were a lot.

If you didn’t listen for 6 hours Thursday night, we will be airing the program again in a different order this week. I will podcast the second two hour portion later this week and the third part next Tuesday.

This is a big show and always my favourite of the year. Let’s lift up the female voices we have in hip-hop and celebrate them.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Chase March & Zeen Sloshy – Word is Bond Theme
Blimes Brixton ft Gifted Gab – Come Correct
Apollo Brown & Che Noir – Blood is Thicker
Sampa the Great ft Whosane – Heaven
Rapsody ft Raphael Saadiq – Gonna Miss You
SigNif – Lovely Imperfections
JB the First Lady – Get Ready Get Steady
Brittney Carter – Happened So Fast
Brittney Carter ft Oliv Blu – Cold as Us
Silhouette ft Lyric – By Any Means
Gifted Gab – Shame on You
Ke Turner – Yolandas
Prowess the Testament – Coming Up For Air
Kadyelle – Boredom & Laziness
Missy D – Paint
Shyne – What It Took
Amy Kicks – A Smile
Lady A.S.G. – Arizona Bay
Apollo Brown & Boog Brown ft Miz Korona, & Invincible – Friction
Harriett – Heal and Chill
E-turn – Come Close
Lola – Art of War
Tasi & Blakchyl – Switch
Klassy – Inside Out
Vicious Cycle – Devero Meets Stax


Original Air Date – Thursday March 4, 2021

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