The movement fame’s Cee and Alaiz’s Dr Mad finally present Steps To The Peak, an eight tracker that hits the right spot. We have been talking about this EP on WIB for a while now and the two cats in question have been hard at work on this project between touring, local shows and life itself. This is body of work built on a labour of love, sweat and determination. From hard hitting anthems like ‘I Know’ and ‘Don’t You Know’ to mellow,reflective cuts like ‘New Routine’ and ‘Dear Life’, there is so much to go around within the short length of this project. I must say a befitting tribute to life, love, hip hop and good ol’ Montreal. I can’t do it enough justice by spewing adjectives and all so just hit the play button and get acquainted with the duo.

I leave you with these last words: C’est vraiment bon!

Steps To The Peak is an eight track love letter to the city of Montreal. It was entirely written, produced, recorded, shot and designed in the 514, with the exception of Notion‘s mixing and mastering in Toronto (he’s part of The Movement Fam so it’s cool). Dr. MaD‘s production is enveloped in the art of sampling, with old Soul and Jazz tunes brought to life by his deft chops, dipping them in Hip Hop on the way out. Cee used this sonic landscape to tell real life stories about his experiences in Canada – leaving his home country of Australia to pursue a dream in the great wide north, the tumultuous move to Montreal, dealings with immigration, and his regular battles with fear, doubt and negative energy. Ultimately, it’s a story of two artists connecting through the love of music in order to express their ‘amour’ for the city, the country and the culture of Hip Hop.

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