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Uncle TreY – “I’m Not Everybody”

Uncle TreY ‘s newest release “I’m Not Everybody” is a bravado tune that sees him in his element as he basks in his own confidence while going through tough times. Backed by a moody soundscape, he reminds himself that he is not like everyone and he is focused on carving his own path.

Bullet Brak – “I’m Just Playin'”

Bullet Brak final joint for 2022 titled “I’m Just Playin'” is a playful and cheeky tune that explores a different side to his rt. Over a simple synth-driven bouncy backdrop, he delivers a laid-back playful performance with tiny digs at his exes and naysayers.




Nonsense and Jomy Beats – “Crown”


Nonsense links with Jomy Beats for the single “Crown” taken from his new album. The track has a moody and punchy soundscape and sees Nonsense blending insightful and bravado-laden bars with much gusto.



Illy Maine – “Days Fly”


Illy Maine‘s “Days Fly” is a reflective tune about days gone by. Over the punchy but soothing soundscape, the rapper takes time to reminisce on what-if situations and ponders how things might change.





Shon Weathers – “Writing on the Wall”

Queens, New York-based rapper Shon Weathers shows us the “Writing on the Wall”, a heartfelt and bravado-driven tune that displays his versatility as a songwriter. The chorus is quite engaging and the arrangement is crisp and seamless.



Terry Jay – “Ale”

Terry Jay shares some heartfelt tales in his new song “Ale”, a mellow R&B-infused tune that explores the daily struggles and inner demons of life. His verses are visceral and vivid and the sublime melodic chorus really adds a different vibe to it.



Vanessa Lynnae – “All of Me”

Simi Valley, CA-based rapper/songwriter Vanessa Lynnae‘s new single “All of Me” is about letting go of a relationship where your efforts aren’t being matched. Over a bouncy and mellow soundscape, she pours her candid thoughts on wax and puts her foot down against a partner who doesn’t appreciate her efforts.

Moon – “Propane”

Singer/songwriter Moon caught our ears with “Propane”, a sombre and brooding track that sees her in her element as a young woman chasing her dreams. Bolstered by the airy soundscape and armed with a soft and unassuming flow, she gives listeners a glimpse into her life.

N.R.M.N – “G20 Summit”

N.R.M.N‘s “G20 Summit” sees the rapper embodying the spirit of exclusivity as he makes moves in this unpredictable industry. Over a brooding and heavy soundscape, he shows us that he is far from giving up or quitting on his dreams.

Jennifer Coy – “Cold Night”

Singer/songwriter Jennifer Coy shares her new single “Cold Night” which sees her sharing her candid thoughts over a piano-laden soundscape laid before her. She details the warm feelings of cozying up with that one special person who lights up her life during cold nights.

Patrick Walters – “Future Trunks Freestyle” (feat. Markus Aurelyus & Charles Emanuel)

“Future Trunks Freestyle” is a reflective and nostalgia-inducing tune that takes listeners back to their childhood. Over a soothing and atmospheric soundscape, Patrick Walters, Markus Aurelyus and Charles Emanuel deliver solid performances ripe with intimate elements underpinned by Caribbean roots and soulful aesthetics.

Just Charles x aarvee – “Self Doubts (Remix)”

Just Charles and aarvee share “Self Doubts (Remix)”, a heartfelt record that dwells on the self-doubts and anxiety felt by artists trying to find their footing in this world where art and life coincide.

Tee Peters & Mensing – “Strasbourg” (feat. Jordan O)

Tee Peters & Mensing are currently working on their new EP and in the interim, they share their new single “Strasbourg” featuring vocalist Jordan O. The reflective tune sees Tee reminiscing on finding true love and was inspired by his recent marriage engagement. “Strasbourg” is taken from the duo’s forthcoming romantic end-of-year EP.

Taelyn – “Where Did We Go Wrong?”

Singer/songwriter Taelyn pours his heart out on wax in his new single “Where Did We Go Wrong?”. The lovelorn tune sees him sharing the tale of a one-sided relationship. Armed with a distinct vocal tone and effective songwriting, he gives listeners a glimpse into the dynamics of love over a bright pop-infused R&B track.

Trashcan Willie – “Old Dope”

Columbia South-based Oakland California native, rapper/producer Trashcan Willie caught our ears with “Old Dope”, a soulful track ripe with punchy drums and vivid lyrical schemes.

MicroCosmicOrbit x EYERAP – “Planet Fantastic” feat. EYERAP/ Raiz Da Novelis/ & Broken Sword


Producer MicroCosmicOrbit and rapper EYERAP present “Planet Fantastic”, a hard-hitting posse cut that features fellow emcee Raiz Da Novelis and Broken Sword. Each emcee brings a different and unique performance over the cinematic soundscape laid before them.


Super lyricist EYERAP delivers his “MANTRA” in this new release produced by MicroCosmicOrbit. Over the dark and somewhat off-kilter backdrop, EYERAP wreaks havoc with his nonconformist lyrics that go from 0 to 100 in a split second.

Ro$$eTTi – “Facts”

Ro$$eTTi gets in his element with “Facts”, a dark and bouncy soundscape that showcases the rapper’s no holds barred style. His flow is intense and the lyrics are vivid as well.

Rick Smoove – “Brake Pads”

Rick Smoove returns with “Brake Pads”, which dwells on love, relationship and building something new from nothing. Over a sublime and moody soundscape, he gives listeners a detailed and candid look into the dynamics of love, situationships and more.

Tspokes – “Just A Call Away”

Tspokes recently put out her EP, Don’t Speak Unless Spoken 2 and the song “Just A Call Away” is the focus of our list. The track sees her reflecting on her life and the ups and downs. Over a guitar-laden bouncy track, she delivers a passionate performance ripe with heartfelt lyrics and a whole lot of introspection.

Ash Olsen – “BORING!”

Ash Olsen‘s new single “BORING!” is a fun and unrelenting tune that sends jabs at boring and basic people. Over a smooth pop-infused soundscape made up of warm basslines and thick synths, he sure doesn’t mince his words and also brings in Therese Knopp who adds a sultry melodic chorus into the mix.

CeeDubelu – “Vegeta”

CeeDubelu blends insight and a nice dose of bravado in his new single “Vegeta”. The mellow soulful tune sees him reflect on his journey as an artist.

Wessemo – “Take Your Pain”

Wessemo gets into an introspective mode in his new song “Take Your Pain”. The production here is dark and brooding and his lyrics dive deep into his life experiences and the emotional pain he draws in to find the strength to push through.

Dann Dib – “Heart of Gold”

Emerging emcee Dann Dib‘s newest single “Heart of Gold” sees him reflecting on being aware of himself and so-called friends who might be up to no good. Backed by a soulful and summery soundscape, he delivers his verse in an almost nonchalant tone but he also drops gems that listeners can grow on. “Heart of Gold” is the precursor to his debut album Dumb Ideas & Bad Behaviour.

Curtis Nowosad x JSWISS – “S4MF (Solitude)” (Keenyn Omari Remix) (feat. JSWISS) (Remix by Keenyn Omari)

NYC-based jazz drummer Curtis Nowosad’s song titled “Song 4 Marielle Franco,” dedicated to the fallen Brazilian activist and politician, gets a new audio sleeve courtesy of producer Keenyn Omari, who flips the track into an offbeat lofi tune.
He blends Braxton Cook’s saxophone and Michael Mayo’s wordless vocal front and center and brings in NYC-based rapper JSWISS to complete the mission. The emcee sure comes through with an introspective verse that dwells on the isolation/cabin fever that most felt during the height of the global lockdown. This track is featured on CNRMXD, a remix companion project to Nowosad’s third, self-titled album.


Trebor – “Rewrite Wrongs”


NJ rapper Trebor delivers a reflective and thought-provoking single titled “Rewrite Wrongs”. He makes use of a memorable piano riff layered over bouncy drums and begs the question of what would happen if he could right his wrongs. It’s quite entertaining and gives listeners something to ponder on.


French rapper Osy pays homage to the veteran MMA fighter “NATE DIAZ” in his new song. Over a dark and energetic soundscape, the rapper embodies the warrior’s spirit with no holds barred bars delivered in French and a smooth cadence to match.


Luca D’Souza – “Pass Me By”


Singer/songwriter Luca D’Souza‘s new single “Pass Me By” dwells on the concept of self-growth and the pain that comes with elevating from one phase to another. Over a sublime and reflective soundscape, the singer delivers a heartfelt and soothing performance ripe with vivid and candid lyricism that listeners can easily feel.

SomeoneCalledSomeone – “Searching”


SomeoneCalledSomeone showcases his versatility as he delivers this insightful gem titled “Searching”. The track is a blend of R&B stylings mixed with hip-hop with a unique twist courtesy of the rapper. Bolstered by an eerie and dark backdrop, he gives listeners a glimpse into his journey as a young man trying to find his true North in the face of the craziness around him He is joined by a singer/songwriter Morgan Gold who adds her own personal experiences to the track.

Rapture RDY – “Rain on Me”

Emerging rapper Rapture RDY shares a heartfelt and sombre tune titled “Rain on Me”, a moody track that sees him reflecting on this past and how his demons keep coming back to haunt him.

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