The weekly Top Submissions aims to showcase a selected crop of acts that cross our paths. From the best tracks/videos from far and wide, we gather the upper echelon of artists you can find and give them a platform to be further recognized for their works. So, sit back and tune in, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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King Tru – “So What”

King Tru shares a new single “So What” which sees him teaming with legendary West Coast rapper Ras Kass. The production here strays from the usual boom-bap and is ripe with dark cinematic textures and heavy trap drum grooves and a whole lot of hard-hitting bars from both rappers.

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PSiMiTAR – “Better Believe It

Northeast-based duo PSiMiTAR opens up the list with this funk-laden hip-hop joint titled “better Believe It.” The duo made up of producer/rapper Steesh aka Baron Von Alias, and vocalist & DJ, LKP, deliver that good old feel-good summer jam as the warm months fade away. The upbeat track is ripe with uplifting and motivational gems from the artist while they also entertain us with catchy melodic runs and solid rap verses.



Senor Draz x Sensei Juice – “Skyline”


Senor Draz and Sensei Juice share their collaborative single “Skyline” on our list. The Draz produced track is a somber piece ripe with melancholic textures and punchy drums while Juice delivers an impassioned performance ripe with reflective and honest lyrics.

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Kenyadda – “Lion’s Share”

Kenyadda shares the new single “Lion’s Share,” a heartfelt track that explores the rapper’s journey through life. Over a punchy beat that samples Kanye West‘s “On Sight” the rapper delivers a solid performance ripe with insight and bravado energy.

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H3RO – “L.A.F.S. (Love at First Sight)”

H3RO shares new single “L.A.F.S. (Love at First Sight)” where he blends solid lyricism, story telling skills over catchy beats. He delivers a relatable tale of love at first sight and all the emotions that come with it

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Muthoni Drummer Queen – “Love Potion”

Muthoni Drummer Queen shares her new single “Love Potion” which sees her collaborating with long-time friends and Kenyan superstars Sauti Sol. The dancehall-infused Afropop jam is as catchy as they come with its bright anthemic textures and punchy grooves peppered by the singers’ melodic runs. The visual is bright and colorful capturing the African essence with the exotic costumes infused with a modern age twist.

“Love Potion” is taken from Muthoni’s forthcoming album produced entirely by Swiss producer combo GR and Hook.

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Yakul – “April”


“April” is the newest release from UK alternative jazz/soul band Yakul and it’s a perfect addition to this week’s list. The reflective piece is as warm as summer and nostalgic as well with its sublime textures, soft grooves and earworm melodic runs provided by frontman James Berkeley.





Moon – “Aint 4 u”

Singer/rapper Moon makes her entry on our list with this heartfelt record titled “Aint 4 u.” The record sees her reflect on her past relationship which she has moved on from. Over a somber piano-laden backdrop, she delivers a melody-laced rap performance riddled with heartfelt and honest lyrics.


Kush Lamma – “Anti”

Kansas City rapper Kush Lamma pours his candid thoughts on wax in his new single “Anti” which comes with a solid visual representation. Over a soulful and somewhat reflective backdrop, he delivers a passionate performance ripe with vivid lyrics to match.

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Uncle Fester x Sean One x Monark – “Paintings”

“Paintings” is a somber and reflective collaboration between Uncle Fester, Sean One, and Monark. Over a jazzy backdrop ripe with warm dreamy chords, nostalgia-inducing horns, and soft drum grooves the trio deliver heartfelt performance laced with vivid lyrics that everyone can rock with.

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Sam-r x Kash Phat – “Aura”

“Aura” is an engaging single from Sam-r and Kash Phat who mix expert storytelling skills over bass-heavy drill backdrops. The result is quite interesting as the pair deliver the goods with their unique styles and insightful lyrics.

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Nasz Dawg x Hardstone – “I’M GETTIN IT”

Nasz Dawg and Hardstone come through with hard-hitting rhymes on ” I’M GETTIN IT” a street-savvy track ripe with graphic lyrics and impassioned performance from both parties.
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Omega Empire – “Gold Razor”

Atlanta Ga based producer/rap duo Omega Empire shares a new single “Gold Razor” which is a dark trippy song ripe with off-kilter lines and dark pop melodic runs. Omega Empire is a production duo consisting of artists Andy Slagle and John Balak.

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Bobby Thibs – “Where Does You Soul Live?”

Bobby Thibs returns this week with another video and this time for his new song “Where Does You Soul Live?.” The somber production sure fits the rapper’s melancholic style and solemn lyrics which listeners can latch on to.
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Paollo13 – “Stunted Growth”

Canadian rapper Paollo13 emerges on our list with this insightful and reflective piece titled “Stunted Growth.” The track reflects his battle with self-doubt, demons, and more but from a twisted perspective.

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Soviets Jeff Spec x Chaix – “Rasputin Gems”

“Rasputin Gems” is a lyric dense hard-hitting gem brought to us by Soviets Jeff Spec and Chaix. The production here is tough as nails and the lyrics are quite graphic and keep the ears locked in.

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N0va – “Say Less”

N0va pours adulations on the love of his life in his own unique way on his single “Say Less.” A soulful guitar-laden beat is ripe with his sultry melodic raps, vivid lyrics, and carefree demeanor.

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novethedon – “Feast” feat. JD Hunt

novethedon team up with JD Hunt for “Feast,” an introspective track that deals with the legacy of those who laid their lives for the sons and daughters. The production has a moody and reflective vibe and the lyrics are quite insightful. The visual is directed by Troy Johnson.

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TreBouncee – “Then He Rested”

“Then He Rested” is a reflective and heartfelt single from TreBouncee who delivers an impassioned performance ripe with vivid insightful lyrics over a moody and head-nodding production.

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JoeyBags – “Beloved”

Emerging rapper JoeyBags showcases his verbal prowess on his new single “Beloved” where he shares a detailed tale of his first love being hip-hop. Over a smooth soulful soundscape, he takes the listener deep into his world with deep insightful lyrics.

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Merakai – “Knighted” feat. Skyzoo, Hype, & Chinch 33

Producer Merakai teams up with Skyzoo, Hype, and Chinch 33 for his new single “Knighted.” The track has a smooth soulful backdrop and punchy drums which fits the vivid lyricism displayed by Skyzoo, Hype while Dj Chinch 33 provides the vocal scratches to warp it up. Merakai is currently working on his new EP.

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TNV x Reggie Rocc – “All Gas No Brakes”


TNV link up with Reggie Rocc for this chilled anthemic record titled “All Gas No Brakes.” Backed by triumphant horns, both emcees display their lyrical prowess with ease and remind us of the need of having motivation in order to reach the apex.


Steven Bamidele – “Tethered”

UK neo-soul artist Steven Bamidele shares “Tethered” from his new EP entitled Uncrowded EP. The record is a solemn, heartfelt apology to his girlfriend who has gone through ups and downs with him. In many ways, it is also an open letter as he pours his heart and soul on the sublime production laid before him.

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Joshua j Crespo – “Reboot”

Joshua j Crespo closes the list with this hard-hitting song titled “Reboot” which sees the rapper digging deep into his thoughts over a cinematic backdrop. He brings forth a mix of bravado and insightful elements that listeners can rock with.

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