Hip-hop veteran Cam’ron  is preparing to drop the sequel to his Purple Haze music series and is not slowing down as he drops the visual for the single “Believe In Flee”. Backed y a lush, upbeat backdrop, Killa Cam is in his element as he delivers his out-the-box flows with a devil may care attitude. We can’t fault him as he has been through it all from good to ad times and it’s only right for him to enjoy the spotlight.

To create a video suitable for such an entertaining track, Cam’ron has turned to a frequent collaborator: the accomplished filmmaker Clifton Bell, who has made clips for Jadakiss, J.Cole, Swizz Beatz, Jim Jones, and other prominent rappers. Bell may not be as famous as any member of the Dipset, but he’s as responsible as anybody for the visual signature of modern New York hip-hop. His clip for “Believe In Flee” is classic Bell – everybody looks tremendously stylish, poised, and composed, and not an ounce of that energy is wasted. Instead, Bell has tricked out the set so that it looks like Cam’ron is steadily and unhurriedly advancing toward the camera and the audience, without a pause, a break, or a stumble. As a visual metaphor for the rapper’s career, that’s hard to beat.
Get “Believe in Flee” on all DSPs here.


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