Ain’t nothing more beautiful than new music from Brother Ali and freshly brewed tea in the morning. A sure picker upper for me. The new project in question is Left In The Deck. A collection of unreleased Jake One-produced joints from the humble brother himself. I must say these tunes are solid so do yourself a favour and tune in quick.

Played like a cassette tape, Side A and Side B, Left in the Deck is ten grimy unreleased demos Brother Ali recorded on a handheld mic in basements and hotel rooms around the world with beats made by Jake One. On the War and Peace Tour, buy any Brother Ali shirt and you’ll get a digital download card!


Side A

Dial Tone

Grandma And Them

Digital Age

Never Stoppin’

Not A Day Goes By

Side B

Well Okay


Phantom Of The Opera

Rapper Thing

Devil’s Arms


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