Vursatyl goes for gusto on his new song “Let Me Know” where he dives into a plethora of topics ranging from disinformation, social activism, big pharma, and more. Bolstered by a cinematic and pounding backdrop courtesy of Jake One, Vuratyl takes us on a journey of epic proportions with insightful and thought provoking lyrics.

This video is a collaboration between Vursatyl and We Live Productions and was created out of their joint enthusiasm for the song in tandem with our desire to showcase our observations in what was an insane past year. The lyrics work as the inner dialogue of our key character, The Conspiracy Theorist, while simultaneously working in the perspectives of other key players of 2020 such as: The Prepper/Patriot, The Media, The Activist, The Healthcare System, and others.

The video also pays homage to the cult classic film They Live, by John Carpenter.

Download & Stream “Let Me Know”  Here.​

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