Brooklyn-based genre-bending hip hop artist BRBRCK pushes his artistic boundaries on his latest release titled “Champagne Hangover (Dub Remix)”. Blending reggae/dub, contemporary R&B and hip-hop, the eclectic artist links with the iLL harmonic band made up of Mike Berberich (vox), Aaron Butler (piano), Josch Chodakowski (DJ), Jason Consolacion (guitar), Amanda Kay Crystal (vox), Ryan Dinger (guitar), and Andrew Friedman (bass) for a vibrant and engaging effort ripe with insight and reflective themes. Here, the artist dwells on modern-day culture, the almost impossible American dream that is steeped in the pursuit of material success and the aftermath of it all. Lines like “We conjured a monster The construct’s beyond fucked/ We convicts imprisoned by the isms forced upon us/ And on us, responsibilities of killer bees to honor/ On a daily basis feel the stasis place us farther down/ A hole that we control and yet continually deepen” dig deep into the topic with incisiveness and an unapologetic measure. The fusion of rich melodic runs and vivid lyricism is the icing on the cake and in a nutshell, “Champagne Hangover” provides an engaging exploration of personal and societal struggles, set against a catchy musical backdrop.


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