Toronto based multi-talented indie act Borelson teams up with ZENESOUL and DoloTheGifted to deliver a true Pan-African track titled “Ubuntu.”  Borelson who was raised in Central Africa links with Zenesoul from Nigeria and DoloTheGifted (and Cape Verde, as well as Sao-Tome & Principe) to give a true mix of cultures and styles. The track is bolstered by LA Based producer Glenwood‘s lush guitar riffs and undeniable grooves that blend well with the artist’s unique styles. The track also brings to the fore a mix of different languages from English, French, and Nigerian Pidgin English acknowledging the varied tongues spoken in the continent.

The video has a summertime feel to it and also pays homage to black women in its own little way. It is shot in Toronto and follows the lead lady doing her thing on her skates.

“Ubuntu” is the latest single off Borelson’s 2020 album ‘As Far As Eye Can See’, released earlier this year.

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