I was just thinking the other day how I’d like some new Boho Fau – the dude’s Coffee House Brewing Sessions was my anthem of Summer ’11 – so I was delighted to see the release of Bohemian Rhapsodies on the dope Russian label Ritmo Sportivo. Boho Fau remains as smooth as ever, as his combination of sultry liquor rap and soft soul sambas through every joint on the record. Entirely self produced, the beats are absolute butter, melting in a fusion of warm bass and legato brass, sandwiching the twinkle of the piano, and his lyrics are sure to bring about the romances and nostalgia of young love. A very nice, chill, smooth release that I absolutely recommend.

Ritmo Sportivo proudly presents our 20th release – self-produced project by US-based hip-hop/soul singer & producer Boho Fau. His one man show “Bohemian Rhapsodies” dedicated to the revelation of man through the art and cultural experience. But iIt’s more intimate record than his well-known collaboration projects with production team Elevated Soul. Sounds like a diary of a Musician where such meanings as “love”, “inspiration”, “music” and “self-identification” inseparably intertwined with each other. Read this 9-track story…Story about changing roles, searching of harmony inside yourself and unstoppable movement to the personal dreams realization…

[wpsharely]Purchase Bohemian Rhapsodies: Bandcamp [/wpsharely]

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