Blue Light Bandits is a 4 member groove rock band from Worcester, MA.  The band specializes in fusing soulful jazz, hip-hop, and neo-soul, and on their new release “Hot Wax” they sure deliver the goods on a high note.

“Hot Wax” is a rousing and lively track that aims to uplift the listeners. Bolstered by the punchy grooves, layered and soulful instrumentation, the track sure packs a punch in many ways. Also joining the band is Boston hip-hop artist,  Oompa whose performance is just pure excellence. Armed with a fiery flow and insightful lyrics, she adds an extra oomph to the cut.

The vibrant song is the first single from the group’s forthcoming album, Honestly Glad it Happened.


Dan DeCristofaro (keys and vocals) and Ethan Bates (bass and vocals) are the founding members, singers, and songwriters behind BLB. Dan is a soulful writer, producer, and arranger who has also begun releasing singles as a solo artist with “Give Me Your Love” in May of 2020 and  “Unbreakable” in November 2019. Ethan is also an accomplished cellist and performs and writes solo compositions as “Ethan Bates Orchestra” where he builds live loops and layers organically for each performance. The current iteration of the BLB lineup features veteran touring and session drummer, Simon Adamsson, and multi-faceted guitarist, Jay Faires, who also rounds out the signature 3-part BLB harmonies.

As of January 2020 the band began work on their second full length album set to be released in March 2021, with singles coming once a month starting in November 2020, that will introduce the next evolution of their songs, sound, and direction. Follow along and stay tuned!


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