Sup my good people…

As time goes by, WIB is getting bigger by the week…and although we work real hard to keep on top of everything, as you all know, it gets to a point, that you need to hand off tasks that you love to do, to people that are much better at it and are real passionate about it… I am talking of course about album reviews…

All of the editors have done a review at some point Ben (~Peacelove), Rob (Bob42jh) & myself Jose (•J•) have done a few, since I’ve started the blog.

And as much as we love to do them, and voice our opinions on how good or bad an album is…with all the updates we have to do on the daily, we don’t have enough time anymore.

And personally I am not the best reviewer in the word…lol

So with all that said we would love to take on board a person with the gift of the word, to help us out with good Album Reviews.

Someone with some experience if possible but not required.

The only thing you’d really need is to love good underground Hip Hop music, and if you been around long enough you probably developed you hear for what’s good and bad…or if you been and avid reader of WIB, then you probably all ready to go. lol

If this is of interest…. What we would need from you, would be an example of an Album review, it could be any album you like…or if you have a previous one, please send that through.

We all down to earth type of brothers and love music, and want to share with the world how great underground music really is…with sound, visuals and words.

We have a good multimedia setup, so once your reviews get videos, tracks or images implemented will look very dope. Have a look at previous reviews to see what’s possible.

We are also doing some other fancy visual stuff to take us to the next level in terms of presentation check our YouTube channel…

And once on board we are all open to new ideas and love to brainstorm way to take the blog forward.

So if you’d like to join the WIB movement please let us know if you interested

You can send all the questions and review demos to [email protected]

Thanks for your time & interest



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