After delivering a handful of heartwarming singles, the experimental r&b band Blesd return to our page with another joyous offering titled “The Same”. The song is very cinematic and reflective a sit aims to soothe the soul with its ethereal textures and angelic melodies. The track slowly builds into a magnificent climax as Lily and Ayo’s vocal combination comes to the forefront.

“The Same”  is a meditative call to the masses to join Blesd in viewing the world through their lens; where everyone and everything is equal and worthy of the love, care, and acceptance we would hope to have for ourselves.

The band says “we feel this is important now more than ever, especially with so many forces in play right now trying to separate people. The first lyric of the song says, “Eyes, hands, legs, arms. Skin, bones, minds, hearts… we are all the same”. It’s a reminder that although we may have differences, we are still connected by the common thread of humanity.

Following the release of the “The Same”, Blesd will be releasing more music in the next few months under a new moniker.


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