As the year comes to a close, LA-based band Blesd once again offers an inspiring message on their new song “Healing”. The genre-bending pop band crafts a heartfelt and uplifting record that everyone can relate to. Their knack for delivering universal messages over smooth pop vibes is evident on “Healing”. The lush keys, warm bassline, and rich guitar riffs all merge together in harmony as lead singers Ayo and Lily‘s expressive vocals drive the track.  The key message here is to help people transcend the boundaries that separate us to connect as humans over a shared desire for love and hope. This is far from dogmatic religious beliefs as they focus more on freedom and self-healing. The band offers an insight into the creation of the song “Healing” was actually written last October after the horrific Vegas shootings and the devastation caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria. The song is their way to offer up a message of hope, healing, and forgiveness to all those who have gone through intense suffering.


“Healing” is a follow up to their previously released single “Gratitude”  which offered a simple message of thankfulness in this jet-age where everything is moving at a mile per second.


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