“…Be a rapper or a christian K.R.I.T, cos in this game there’s no room for that religious s–t

Acrobatic flip my temper cos I remember, it’s either heaven or hell and that sh-t simple…”

Big K.R.I.T  is someone I would classify underrated and pretty much overshadowed by every thing else. Not to take anything away from the man but its worrisome to see such level of talent always kept to the background. With that being said, Big K.R.I.T drops a self poignant gem aptly titled ‘KING pt 3‘ over J Cole’sStay‘ instrumental. Looking profoundly at his choices, past memories and present situations. The booth is this man’s podium and he holds it down thoroughly.

Last words; “What’s a rock to a mountain, so why you throwing ’em, holding ’em, grudge n***a..

Download this….Just because.

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