The duo of Massachusetts rapper Big Dese and Florida producer Mike Martinez are fully geared for 2024 as they embark on a sprew of releases ranging starting with 2 full-length albums Metta World Dese and Don Artest. The projects are nods to former NBA player Ron Artest and a testament to Big Dese’s proficiency as a wordsmith.


We start with “Show Em” taken off Metta World Dese. The track starts with a commentary on the elbow incident that got Ron excused from the basketball court before switching into a sombre soundscape underpinned by Big Dese’s unapologetic raps. The rapper proceeds to wreak the mic and show naysayers that he is not backing down.



Next up “Games,” the lead single is a guitar-laden bouncy track in which Big Dese tackles the subject of hate and jealousy even amongst friends. The record is relatable and Big Dese shares his candid thoughts on the matter reminding us that people would often hate on your success than applaud it.



Metta World Dese‘ is available for purchase & streaming on all platforms! Also, check out “Don Artest” the 2nd album that dropped today on all platforms!


Mike Martinez has been making Hip Hop music for more than two decades. He started out as an MC in 2002. Martinez began to focus on production & beatmaking in 2010. Mike’s experience as an artist informs his production, as he can hear his beats from that perspective as well. Over the years, Mike Martinez has worked with some big names in the field, and is adding credits to his resumé regularly. Mike is one half of the duo Jezus Martinez alongside MC Jezus Borgia, and is a member of the Unuzual Suspects crew. He currently resides in Flagler Beach, FL with his wife & two daughters.


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