This has to be one of the longest album titles I have come across in a minute. Can you say ‘The Unrequited Bard And The Maiden He Admired From A Distance‘ ten times fast without blabbing? Well, before we get caught up in my foolishness, what we have here from beat maker/producer Benevolence is a gem. It is essentially the fable of a musician who falls into the familiar web of unreciprocated love,while this makes for a solid chick-lit garnished with unpredictable emotional dynamism, the path Benevolence chooses is for one to grow on.

Lush exotic guitar riffs, uplifting keys layered on pulsating drums and sometimes percussion driven tunes push the story from different ends of the spectrum(this project is subject to the listener’s interpretation). The song that drew me in has to be ‘the girl with the black choker’ which blends two beats in one. I have to say that Benevolence is in rare form here, his music style is unpredictable and the soundscapes are so ultra-emotive, cinematic while still maintaining the overall theme. This project is a definite winner in my books.

Get with the program.

This is the 4th instrumental instalment from BeNeVoLeNcE and also the first album released by BeNeVoLeNcE under Roots of Society Records. “The Unrequited Bard And The Maiden He Admired From A Distance” is meant to be themed as a “story without words.” A tale of a musician who falls in love with a lady who doesn’t seem to notice him….or the unselfish expressions of his feelings for her.

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