Producer Beatnick Dee  and Pheo team up for a collaboration that is about to drop soon but in the interim they share with us their new single “Dutty” which features emcee Jag with the verbal assist. Over a soulful vocal sample, Pheo and Jag deliver solid lyricism about the grind. More importantly, they focus on the process, which builds character as opposed to just looking at the finished work.

The album’s origins can be traced to Pomona, CA, where Pheo’s roommate, Cholo Jorge, introduced him to Beatnick Dee’s production, eventually leading to their first collaboration for Beatnick Dee’s debut album, Creative Medicine. Sensing the chemistry between the two, Jorge insisted on recording a full-length album. With Pheo and Beatnick Dee on board, the trio spent an afternoon selecting most of the project’s production.That same afternoon the project’s theme became apparent – there would be no set timeline for completion, rather, patience would be the key.

Reminiscent of the Japanese swordsmith craft, Patience is the near-perfect melding of form and function.While Pheo’s vocals and Beatnick Dee’s production forge to form the core, the meticulous polishing of each track is emphasized and the most minute details are not spared.The three-year process produced countless song versions, numerous vocal re-recordings, and continuous instrumental additions, yet the project achieves a cohesive sound. On Be There, Beatnick Dee leads with an eerie gospel piano intro, transitioning into a high energy bass line under slick, soulful guitar licks, complimented by Pheo’s catchiest hook and quick-fire bars of personal turmoil and seasonal relationships. On Monaco, the album reaches its apex – all musical elements integrate seamlessly to produce a result bordering on perfection. An angelic vocal sample functions as the track’s backbone, complemented by live sax riffs, pounding drums, and a melodic bass line, while a vivacious guest verse from LA stalwart, Blu establishes the track’s tone, and newcomer John Williamson delivers a massive hook tailor-made for a stadium performance.


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Get the album here and read the lyrics available on Genius.

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