Electic NY-based artist BAYLI first popped on our radar when she teamed up with LA artist Duckwrth and Alex Mali a while ago and now she is back with a set of visuals for her song “foreigner” alongside her debut EP. The track in question encapsulates her life from the perspective of an outsider looking in. She definitely delivers a solid performance ripe with evocative lyrics and her signature soft melodic vocal runs.

The visuals are as expressive as they come and really capture BAYLI in her true form sans the glamor and glitz. “foreigner” is taken from her EP stories from new york, a project which embodies BAYLI’s connection to the city of New York and how it has shaped her life being part of an emerging creative force and voice for the black and queer communities.

BAYLI is an artist and songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. Her anthemic production and infectious melodies were cultivated under the mentorship of music guru, Rick Rubin. Following the 2017 debut of her band “The Skins” and their massive tour with DNCE, BAYLI has stepped into the beginning of her solo career with an exciting jumpstart. Since then, BAYLI has moved on to become one of Warner Music Group’s most promising new songwriters with cuts for and with Justin Tranter, Jesse McCartney, Josh Dean, AfroJack, Whipped Cream, Duckwrth, Take a Daytrip, Giveon, Mulatto, Baby Goth, and several others. In addition, BAYLI has found many opportunities working with commercial film/TV sync and creative collaborations (Bose, HBO, ABC, Nickelodeon, AT&T, Entourage: The Movie, Grown-ish, Barbie, The Bold Type, and The Brooklyn Nets, amongst many others).

Get her EP Stories From New York here.



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