Here is the first preview of a single off the Nujabes tribute album Modal Soul Classics II.

1. Kamakura (Conversations with Jun) / Pase Rock
2. Music is Ours (Saxmental Version) / Calm
3. No One Like You / Zack Austin
4. Beach Of Life / Specifics
5. Another Reflection (Seaside Dusk in Kamakura Rework) / FK
6. modal soul (Kenmochi Hidefumi Remix) / Kenmochi Hidefumi
7. Latitude Tribute Mix / Five Deez
8. A Day by Atmosphere Supreme / Emancipator
9. faure / haruka nakamura feat. Uyama Hiroto
10. reflection eternal / clammbon with yamazaki, mino
& yamane from toe
11. Homeward Journey / uyama hiroto

Beach of Life (NO COMP) by Think Twice MTL

Im not too sure when the album is due as every site says something differant but its expected out next month.

Music is not comes from somewhere,
Music is what we create

-Thanks for the heads up Manbizzle


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