Speakz – Simma Down (Prd. by Afta 1)

This track by Speak! produced by Afta 1, is DOOOOPE!….great work by both artists and got me looking all over the net for more stuff.

Well, what I found is this…

Afta1 is a very Ill producer, i’ve include a video sample of one of his tracks above, from the already released album Aftathoughts Vol.1 if you like soulful beats, this is right on your camp.

SPEAK! self proclaimed best 34th rapper alive…an MC that joins various kinds of music styles and fuses them all in to Hiphop…you can download the FREE EP “The Kite Flyers”, on his website

They are both worth checking out if you have a spare second….

Afta1: Twitter/MySpace

SPEAK!: Twitter/MySpace


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