Audio Push drop a new video on us. When you watch this and listen to the groove of the music, you can’t help but think of A Tribe Called Quest (RIP Phife). It is safe to say Audio Push have gone through an immense transition from their Teach Me How To Jerk days. This particular track is got that soulful wave complete with the horns which is very refreshing. Interestingly, the boys take the video back to the days of Adidas a la Run DMC/ LLCool J when B-Boying in the streets was still very heavy in hip hop but ATCQ still holds the most validation in this as both go back and forth not like Aaliyah but like Tip and the 5 foot Assassin did on Check The Rhyme. I guess time will be the judge if Audio Push will keep this style as their mainstay or if it is a one off. Still, you need to get on the groove and Check The Vibe.

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