MED -This is Your Life ft. Blu

WIB HEAT ON DECK FOR THOSE CHEEKS!!! SLAP!!!!…”Bang Your Head 3″…An independent release dropping through Fat Beats distribution on April 26th..The Leaker..”This Is Your Life” The next upcoming project by Stonesthrow Emcee “MED”….Better get familar with previous MED’s material..On a personal All three of these artists on the same plain is legendary in its own right, It’s epic dopeness!!…”Exile” on the back drop and featured guest “Blu”…Ladies and Gentlemen Diggler shouldnt have to say much..Nuff said…ENJOY!!!!! .The west coast MC called Medaphoar is known lately by the first three letters of his name: M to the E to the D. Three short letters for a long-awaited, full-length album which arrived at long last in 2005.His subject matter reflects the struggles and hustles of a young black man caught between the street life of Oxnard and the nightlife of L.A. Fans receive a healthy dose of muscular lyricism on “Push Comes to Shove”, with guest MCs including J Dilla (rapping on and producing the lead single “Push”) and (…oh sh*t!) the one and only Diamond D, for that all-time heavyweight flavor..

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