The second release from East Coast / West Coast duo, Cose Mp X Sincere Vega Cose MP, being the West Coast half hails from Peoria, Arizona. Sincere Vega (East Coast) reps from Orlando Florida. “Mexicana Wizardry” actually was the first collaboration by the duo, initiated by @602Diggler from the popular and taste-making site #WIB. Sincere Vega and Cose Mp have been featured many times on the site with solo works, as well as, collaborations. Enjoy this expression of “grass is greener” and lustful mentality cloaked in soulful and bass-knocking beats.
“I actually wrote and recorded this song while working on my last collaborative album ‘sinAmaxx’ with producer Maxx Julian (@maxxjulian). Diggler and I were having this deep conversation on the phone about doing a track together.. He was tryin to track down this dude Cose Mp. Man, Diggz sent me this instrumental and I literally lost my mind. Sat down to do like a quick 16 and wrote the whole joint. This is two for two on Diggz connecting me with dope artists. Big shout to all of the sites and writers that have been holding down my projects. Just knowing that the support is there actually is transforming me into a doper artist with each creation. I hope you enjoy this one, it’s kinda tacky, sexy, intelligent and retarded all in three minute-somethin of straight bang…” -Sincere Vega


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