DownBeat Keys – Addiction (WIB)

The homie Andrew from The DownBeat Keys hit us up, with this goodness yesterday…and I loved it so much I had to do a spotlight on them.

Inspired by The Roots… Downbeats Keys are believers of Hip-Hop through live instrumentation. There aren’t many acts that follow on The Roots footsteps, mainly because it requires plenty of music knowledge and hard work to put together a live act that sounds as good as they do….. And I applaud the The DownBeat Keys for achieving that.

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The DownBeat Keys

About The DownBeat Keys:

“The DownBeat Keys are a fresh new hip-hop group out of Brooklyn, NY.  Rejecting the status quo of electronic beats, DBK records and performs all of their songs with live instruments, imparting their sound with an explosive energy unparalleled in contemporary music.  Spitfire MCs Similie and Ill Will ride the band’s crashing sonic wave with incendiary flow, deft word play, and intricate story lines.  Combined, these musical forces create everything from raging party anthems to poignant portraits of life and love.

The group met in the fall of 2008 at Hamilton College near Utica, NY.  With parties three nights a week, DBK had almost unlimited opportunities to perform in front of audiences of hundreds of people.  Often playing three and four hour sets, the band zeroed in on their ferocious combination of hip-hop and funk based on what kept people dancing.  That spring, they released their first EP entitled, “Invisible Ink” (available for free on their website  Their single, “I Don’t Remember” was an immediate hit and spread like wildfire.  Before long, the DownBeat Keys had a full nine month tour scheduled at colleges and venues all over the Northeast.  Based on their ability to turn any party into an absolute rager, they even scored gigs opening for the likes of Talib Kweli, Matt and Kim, and Soulive. While on the road, the band continued to write and record, releasing their second (and way better) EP, “Instant Gratification,” (available on iTunes) in April.  Currently residing at their home studio in Canarsie, Brooklyn, the band is working on a new album and scheduling an extensive east coast tour for 2010-11.”

Preview the Album “Instant Gratification” over at

Buy the album on Downbeat Keys - Instant Gratification

DownBeat Keys Opening for Soulive

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