What do you get when you combine one of the most talented musicians in the Hip Hop industry right now, with a (sexy) dope French-born singer and a rhyme-slinger who leaped out of no where to hit you with the realness? A crowd of course. Let ‘The Crowd’ school you quickly in their own words before I show you something after the jump.

“The core of The Crowd is a trio that consists of two Emcees, Akil Dasan & Randy Mason, and a female vocalist, Adeline. Often compared to the Fugees and the Black Eyed Peas, their music is an exciting new style of Hip-Hop-Pop that draws upon The Crowd’s unique skill set. Everyone in The Crowd plays an instrument and they write and co-produce all of their material. At a Crowd show you can expect to see a live demonstration of everything that has made Hip-Hop a global phenomenon: beatboxing, bboying (breakdancing), rapping, singing, hot tracks, live instruments and of course, crowd participation. Fresh, talented and innovative, The Crowd fills up every room with a unique brand of “feel good” energy, whether at a show, in a club or blasting out your living room speakers.”

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The Crowd

To add to that short intro before the jump allow me to introduce each artist formally. Akil, you guys should be familiar with from HERE, if that’s not the case then make sure you check that link out.

Randy Mason is an emcee originally from the Boogie Down. Still residing in New York he’s a true wordsmith, noted as a song writer, freelance journalist and author, Randy is the complete poet. He’s been putting in work for many years so don’t expect to hear an amateur new-age sounding emcee when you first check this guy out. It’s clear upon first listen that Mason has mastered his craft and studied greats of the past. Nas, Mos Def, Tu-pac, & Common are all cited as inspiration….’nuff said.

Adeline comes as a gift from the city of love, Paris. Small in stature but not in voice, this girl can blow. At times soulful, at others powerful, she’s one of those rare talents that actually sounds better live. Adeline also plays the guitar so be on the look out for that too.

I hope people appreciate these guys as much as I do. Akil introduced Adeline and Randy, and the trio have been on the grind ever since. On the subway, in schools, in clubs, cafes, producing acoustic EP’s and studio EP’s, these guys are true fans of music. Gradually the recognition is coming. The requested gigs seem to be getting bigger and a guest spot on BET definitely boosted their publicity. Earning a spot on the Brooklyn Hip Hop festival line-up certainly showed their mass appeal and we can only hope it continues.

I could bombard you with mp3’s and encourage you to cop this, cop that. But in all honesty, these guys sound best live. So check out their facebook and soon-to-be website every so often and find out when they’ll next be in your city. Peep these two videos to understand just where I’m coming from.

Click Image To View Video

Click Image To View Video

Vibe out to this new soulful, jazzy form of Hip Hop.


Acoustic EP



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