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Orelha Negra – Blessed

Orelha negra is a Portuguese Instrumental Hip-Hop band, found them last month by chance, and was blown away by the work and production values, was not expecting it, after listening to just a few tracks. They where kind enough to send the whole album, and the more I listened the more I liked the work.

Unfortunately the album is only available on iTunes Portugal, with only 2 tracks available on iTunes international…they have offered the track “Blessed” (above) as a free download as a thanks for the love….the other tracks above are available for streaming only.

Orelha Negra:

“We met during Sam The Kid’s tour in Portugal as his support band…things start to develop since then and we thought this would be the perfect project to work on when the tour was over”

We will be reviewing the album soon, and if there’s enough demand, we’ll contact Orelha Negra to see if we can sort out, and international version of the album.

In the meantime…enjoy and if you like, please let us know and demand an International version and we’ll pass on the word.

Orelha Negra – A Cura (The Remedy)

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