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It’s been a hot minute since our last Artist Spotlight, we don’t do them very often and the reason why is, that we do them when the music and artist/s hits that sweet spot, of originality and talent. And it’s something so dope, that we really need to pull your attention to it.

Enter BrassBastardz, real fresh and original act from Lithuania (yes that’s right Lithuania) completely unexpected and a great find from Kitchen Dip records. BrassBastarz use Jazz as they foundation and lay on top elements of blues, soul, funk and a sprinkle of hip-hop & electronica all recorded with live instrumentation.  (continue reading after the jump)

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It’s real difficult to box BrassBastardz into a certain category really…when I first saw the mail, I almost bined it. Based only on first looks they didn’t really strike me as an urban act whatsoever. The cover looks a bit too left field from what we normally post, and before I started listening I assumed that I was going to hear pop or rock of some sort. But decided to give them a try given the fact that kitchen dip  has an impecable track record….and real glad I did too.

“Timeline” might hit at first sound a bit left field from what we normally publish on WIB, but as soon as you allow those jazzy vibes & brass instrumentation vibes flow through your system, you’ll be head nodding to these beats just as much.

TIMELINE is a Kitchen Dip Exlusive EP from the BrassBastardz that contains songs from their 2 albums “Waiting” and “Synthezatorium“.


BrassBastarz – SynthezatoriumCLICK IMAGE TO VIEW VIDEO

For more Info head over to Kitchen Dip Records

BrassBastardz: WebsiteFacebook


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