Toronto based singer/songwriter Angelique shares her gripping single titled “Wings (Freestyle)”. Over a dark yet alluring soundscape, the smooth-voiced singer dwells on a toxic relationship she is in and while the pain lingers on she knows everything will eventually be alright. “Wings” is pretty engaging with its mix of RnB and electronic pop elements which give sit a very unique feel.

She further adds “this is a hopeful song, finishing with self-discovery of strength and versatility. You’ll find your wings.”

Angelique is a 21-year-old, fresh face to the Toronto music scene. Drawing influence from alternative vocal styles, classic RnB and an experimental twist she has shaped her own sound through an exploration of the self and the raw difficult emotions we feel. Angelique doesn’t hold back. She is true to herself and her feelings. If she has something to say she will say it, all in hopes that her words can help other young people who may be experiencing similar things; feel like they are not alone. She uses music as a vessel to offer guidance and create a community for those who listen.


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