Multi-faceted Singer/songwriter/activist AMYRA first made her appearance on our video playlist and now she returns with her new single “Lovers or Friends”. The track has a sombre and reflective texture made up of solemn pads, rich moody keys and rumbling grooves underpinned by AMYRA’s sultry melodic runs and soft tone. She dives deep into a situation where connections between two individuals get muddy and it’s hard to discern whether they are in it for the thrill or going the extra mile. In other words, AMYRA acknowledges how difficult it is to ask our potential partner the most basic questions instead of making assumptions. The swelling emotions and being love smitten often blinds us but often it’s better to be clear than otherwise. AMYRYA really captures her thoughts and many others with the following lines “I don’t want to build no expectations, tell me what is in your head“.  This hits the nail on the head and clears up any further confusion.

AMYRA IS A MUSICIAN, PLAYWRIGHT, AUTHOR AND ACTIVIST. Her work fuses music and poetry through powerfully transparent performances focusing on social inequalities and communal healing whilst celebrating love, blackness, and womanhood. She has performed throughout the United States and Europe collaborating with the likes of The Apollo, BAM, BBC, Roundhouse, Amnesty International and more. Amyra composed Una Mujer Derramada in collaboration with Sivan Eldar commissioned by and performed with Lisbon’s Gulbenkian Orchestra, the Montpellier National Opera, and the Paris Chamber Orchestra. She is the inaugural recipient of the Battersea Arts Centre Phoenix Award which led to the 2019 London premiere of her debut play VASELINE. She is the author of Concrete Kids (Penguin 2020), Freedom We Sing (Flying Eye Books 2020) and Darling (Walker, Candlewick 2022). Her musical debut, Something Melancholy, led to sharing stages with Common, Robert Glasper, Nikki Giovanni and more. Amyra’s debut album, WITNESS, is set to release this summer.

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