Emerging Atlanta based rapper ALPHA23 makes his debut on TWIB with 2 hard-hitting tracks. The first is the cinematic, trap-infused banger titled “LOST RELIGION” where he examines some interesting topics like the dynamics between religion as a body and God as an entity. He delivers his verses with an authoritative style that exudes confidence and a unique sense of identity. In the second verse, he showcases self-acceptance while ignoring naysayers and anyone else attempting to detract him.

The second track “Full Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” has a mellow broody trap vibe and once again showcases ALPHA23’s devil may care style as he gives a verbal middle finger to social constructs. As an artist, he aims to carve his niche and follow his path the only way he knows how.


“LOST RELIGION” on Apple Music.
“Full Unlawful Carnal Knowledge” on Apple Music.


Born in New York, with Nigerian roots, Alpha moved to Atlanta at the age of 11. As a boy, he was influenced by poetry and groups like NWA, Two Live Crew, and Jay-Z- real Hip-Hop. For him, poetry is an art, one that creates an influence in sound, feeling, and vision. He believes that if you are a true artist, you are always listening to other artist and you’re always looking to evolve. Whether it be at a show, or lyrically, your studio performance, music videos, how you prepare and craft your art-its all poetry.


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