Allen Poe and Jay Elly‘s latest collaborative EP Rap Related is engaging from the jump. The varied soundscape is something to behold but while the topics are somewhat narrow it doesn’t detract from the potency of this project (I mean its just three tracks long anyway). The two emcees styles complement each other as Jay Elly comes on some high pitched animated approach against Allen Poe’s relaxe and focused delivery.

Another solid one for y’all. Hit that play button, support the project and keep tuning in!

 Collab EP by Jay Elly and Allen Poe. This sounds like living in the hood, but everything is rap related. The Get Back is like a re-up, The Jackers sounds like dudes outside the door trying to rob you and Homocide is us killing them. So we sprinkled quotes on the floor, made it Rap Related.

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