UK veteran emcee Alex Dutty is back with a brand new video for his song “Knock Down Ginger”  alongside vocalist Antonio Vincente. The song which serves as the title track for his debut project details the ups, downs, and in-betweens in the life of the man also known as Lexus Dutty. Over a heartfelt, gripping backdrop, he delivers his characteristic baritone vocals which are laced with passion and emotion. Backing him is Vincente who assists Dutty with a heartwarming chorus.

Alex has been busy completing his debut album ‘Knock Down Ginger, for the last 5 years, taking its name from the popular kids game he grew up playing as he went from hostel to hostel in a childhood that would be completely foreign to most people; The name also pays homage to his physical characteristics, namely his stand out ginger hair. Set for release 7th September 2018 with a collection of honest, strong and sometimes controversial songs, like single, ‘Emoji’ a song about love, breakups and social media, he really sets the canvass for fans to gain an understanding in to the mind and life of Alex as he paints his world for all to see on ‘Knock Down Ginger.’


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