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WIB CRACK-A-MANDIBLE APPROVED!!!!…The man is back with another batch of fire for your pleasure… As the last two tapes where solid and now we have the newest…”Plethora”… To me the homie’s craft has been approving, now with this one, It’s just Suhnraw proficient…Been following him for a minute now, so its recommended that you cop his other two beat tapes… Seriously tho, if you a beat freak than you know what my ramble is all about…Take heed and listen, be proactive and do me a headnod or maybe drop a comment… Show love and support this composer…the future is bright, and so is WIB!!.. BIG SHOUT OUT TO MRS.9thWONDER for the find!!! and WHATS GOOD SUHNRAW?!!


Purchase/Listen “Plethora” ON BANDCAMP CLICK HERE

Suhnraw: Soundlcoud . Facebook

602Diggler & Mrs.9thWonder

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